Facilities Available :

  1. Clinical Dermatology
  2. Dermatopathology
  3. Dermoscopy
  4. Microdermabrasion- Reviderm MDA with Crystal Tip
  5. Chemical peeling
  6. Radio frequency based procedures with Ellman
  7. Vitiligo mini grafting
  8. Scar management
    1. Fractional Co2 Laser -Lumenis Ultra Pulse
    2. 2940 Er ipixel with Harmony XL Pro machine
  9. Pigment lasers
    1. Q-switched ND Yag Laser- Lumenis IPL Quantam
    2. Alma Q
    3. Harmony XL Pro machine Clear life Q switch
  10. Hair removal Laser
    1. Lumenis Desire
    2. Lumenis Light sheer Duet
  11. Phototherapy
    1. Daavlin Wholebody Phototherapy
    2. Daavlin Hand and Foot Unit
  12. 308 Excimer Light-Alma

Laser Scar emoval

Laser Tattoo removal

Vitiligo minigrafting

WIZDERM clinic

Every effort is being made to solve many skin problems through modern surgical procedures. However, in spite of utmost and honest effort it is not possible to guarantee full success in all the cases.

Equipments & Gallery